Bruce Lee Isometrics Training Workout

Bruce Lee Isometrics Training Workout

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What is isometrics? Isometric training involves performing a movement against an immovable force. This builds immense strength because the targeted muscles are in a state of constant contraction for the 6-12 second duration of the resistance exercise.

Bruce Lee isometrics training workouts can take your strength to the next level! But how can a single isometric exercise without movement produce results comparable to conventional weightlifting? To answer this, let’s use the steps of a basic bicep curl to demonstrate.

During a conventional curl, only a second is needed to move the dumbbell from thigh to chin height. Yet the hardest part of the curl is not the start or the finish, but instead the middle of the curl where leverage causes the greatest strain. But the muscles are in this “max effort” position for only a fraction of a second. With isometric contraction and resistance training, the muscles exert full force in this “max effort” curl position for up to twelve seconds.

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Bruce Lee Isometric Training Workouts


Bruce Lee used a simple routine involving 8 different isometric exercises, each performed just once with maximum effort for 6-12 seconds.

Press Lockout

Set the bar/band at about 3 inches below your lockout position for a shoulder press. Grab the bar and then push upwards as hard as possibly for 6 to 12 seconds.

Press Start

Set the bar/band at chin height, just above the lowest position on your usual military press. Exert maximum force for 6 to 12 seconds.

Black Mountain Isometrics Resistance Band Set

This isometrics kit comes with five 2 to 30 lbs. resistance bands that can be combined together for different levels of isometric resistance. Includes a door anchor, ankle strap and carrying case.

Rise on Toes

Set the bar/band in a position just above your shoulders. Then rise on your toes and push the bar as hard as possible for 6 to 12 seconds.


Set the bar/band 6 inches below waist level. With a shoulder-width grip, pull it upwards as hard as possible while also rising on your toes for 6 to 12 seconds.

iGrip Portable Isometric Trainer

Electronically measures push and pull force with a 200-pound resistance capacity for isometrics training on the go.

Parallel Squat

Squat with thighs parallel to the floor and set the bar/band on your shoulders. Then try to lift the bar as you would in a squat. Push as hard as you can for 6 to 12 seconds.

Shoulder Shrug

Position the bar/band into your downward extended hands below waist-level, then grab the bar with the shoulders down. Attempt to perform a shoulder shrug with maximum effort.

Oozeeki IsoStrength Complete Body System

This isometric training device does not require a door anchor, instead using foot straps for resistance training. It’s perfect for travel and vacations.



Set the bar/band about 2 inches below your knees. Then perform the usual deadlift with your feet set shoulder-width apart, hips down and back flat. Push as hard as possible with the legs for 6 to 12 seconds.

Quarter Squat

Set the bar about 4 inches below a standing barbell squat position. Then push upwards with maximum effort for 6 to 12 seconds.

Bullworker Isometrics Fitness Bar

This modern update of the famous isometrics workout bar from the 1960s has been tuned and improved for current resistance training workouts. It now combines classic, steel-bow, bow extension, sit-at-home fitness and iso-bow fitness programs with barbell, dumbbell, suspension and band resistance type exercises. Over 100 lbs of resistance from a 2-pound device.

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Bruce Lee Isometrics Tips


Even though the Bruce Lee isometric training workouts are simple, remember to still exert maximum effort during the exercise. You should feel your muscles fatigue with the physical exertion. And don’t overdo it. One rep for eight (8) isometrics exercises is more than enough.

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Bruce Lee used both ready-made and customized portable isometric training devices, allowing him to push, pull, press and curl against an immovable object. To train with the exact same Bruce Lee isometric workout he did, you’ll need a power belt/band/rack/cage or other similar isometric device.

Nowadays, isometric equipment is readily available to all. Visit the Bruce Lee Training Equipment page to view modern-day equivalents of his workout gear.

If you don’t have or want any Bruce Lee isometrics equipment, simply use the objects around you. Remember, isometrics simply involves immovable resistance, so in a pinch a wall or creative use of rope should work as well as anything else for certain isometric routines.

While Bruce Lee isometrics firms and strengthens muscles rapidly, it makes little contribution to muscular endurance. Therefore, isometric training alone cannot be used as a complete exercise program, but must be combined with aerobics and flexibility training.



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A note to our Bruce Lee Isometrics readers:

Bruce Lee used a wide variety of exercises including weight training, body strength training, circuit training, isometrics, ab workouts, stretching, diet and cardio fitness. He used the best training equipment available to get that muscular Bruce Lee body in his classic martial arts movies. Bruce Lee’s perfect body, wisdom, charisma and kung fu skill inspired books on his life, philosophy & martial arts!

Visit the Bruce Lee Workout homepage for a complete breakdown on all the Bruce Lee training programs and Bruce Lee workout routines. Workout Like Bruce Lee!

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